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Maui Third Wave (MTW) values traditional (Kanaka) culture and farming methods.  Its mission is to create and operate under a dedicated, diversified, and sustainable HINA (Hawaiian Indigenous Natural Agriculture) program. Combining traditional Hawaiian indigenous natural farming methods practiced for centuries (First Wave), and Modern Agricultural practices  including: Perma-culture, Korean Natural Farming, Organic Farming, Bio-Dynamic farming methods and others (Second Wave), to create and execute a new profitable Company for the benefit of the Indigenous Hawaiians (Kanaka) and those longtime residents (Kama’aina) that call Maui and Hawaii Nei, their home. (Third Wave!).


Majority Kanaka Owned! - Growing Food, Medicine and a Future for the Hawaiian People


  • Grow, wholesale, and retail agricultural products such as tomatoes, culinary herbs, mangos, papaya, banana, cocoa, coffee to name a few and all indigenous Hawaii food crops such as ulu, kalo, sweet potatoes etc.

  • Set new standards in the growth, extraction, research and product development, formulation and processing of cannabis hemp. 

  • Install comprehensive alternative energy systems including solar farms for both internal consumption and sale.

  • Create Carbon Sequestering protocol’s and take advantage of Carbon Credit programs.

  • Retain third party advisors to provide ongoing research and investment opinions of and/or recommendations for real property development.

  • Purchase under-valued and or under-utilized real property assets. 

  • Facilitate global awareness of the Maui Third Wave brand, HINA, and “Better than Organic” agriculture.

  • Continue to pursue international contracts and product recognition.


Maui Third Wave (MTW), resolved to operate under the public benefit ethos, will seek B corporation status, which means that MTW will join global leaders of over 3,000 companies around the world who have made the commitment to meet the highest standards of social and environmental  performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. As a “B” Corporation, MTW will also strive toward building a stronger community on Maui and creating a high-quality standard of employment opportunities with dignity and purpose for Maui residents. 

The goal of each of us at Maui Third Wave is to become                          "Good Ancestors" - Alika Atay, President MTW


    Food expenditures of local consumers in Hawaii is estimated to have been $5.5 billion in 2018. Assuming that 85% of the food we consume is imported, this translates to $4.675 billion leaving our state. Replacing just 10% of the food we currently import would amount to approximately $468 million, generating nearly $100 million in earnings. 

    More importantly though, MTW’s use of proprietary, HINA, "Better-than-Organic" growing techniques that produce vastly superior yields in terms of biomass volume and quality. Maui Third Wave’s culture and farming protocols will produce what is arguably the single highest quality food possible. 

    As a diversified agriculture company, MTW’s  revenues will derive from such products as noni, ulu, tomatoes, ginger, sweet potatoes, and other foreign and indigenous foods. MTW’s business model squarely acknowledges the food homogenization and scarcity issues in Hawaii by using traditional and long view approaches to farming. 


   HINA practices are more than tilling the soil, amendments and planting. They involve a very complex and exacting protocol passed down through multiple generations that adds pule (prayer), chants, and spirituality at a level of “shamanic like” consistency.  

   All farming and farmers will adhere to these methods which have proven over the centuries to work best in the complex unique environment of the Hawaiian Islands.

   The Company’s President and it’s Agricultural V.P. are recognized as “Master Gardeners” and Keepers of the "HINA Practice". Their expertise and combined knowledge of HINA are considered as one of the Company’s major proprietary assets that will bring forward success in the endeavor to grow sustainable “Better then Organic” crops with maximum yields that will insure fulfillment of the Company’s Diversified Agricultural goals.


   Among other things, MTW will be a grower/cultivator, processor and distributor of cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), and hemp related products in the State of Hawaii for domestic and international consumption. Through distribution contracts currently in negotiation the Company plans to also supply various cannabis extracts and isolates (CBD, CBG, CBN, etc.) to distributors and other world-wide retail outlets. By 2025, the cannabidiol (CBD) oil market alone is expected by some financial experts to be a 25-billion-dollar industry.

   With a worldwide liberalization of laws governing hemp, CBD, and related agricultural products, MTW intends to get ahead of the market and utilize its unique positioning and strengths to become a world leader in hemp/cannabis production and the resulting products thereof.

    Leveraging off that superior Island reputation, MTW’s ability to produce “Better-than-Organic", "HINA Certified", Maui-grown CBD Oil has already attracted many mainland and international companies and significant distribution contracts are now being negotiated.

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"Long Live the Natural Farmer!" 

                        - Alika Atay, President MTW

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